There’s this thing called feature points and basically what you do is you play apps and for each app, they give you a number of points. You can redeem the points into Amazon cards, iTunes gift cards or PayPal money to use online or transfer into your bank account. 

I have added a photo above of some of my recent payments. Yes, that’s $100 being put into my PayPal each day by TapGen. And i’ve earned more than that too, I bet you want this don’t you?


To sign up go to on your iphone, ipod, ipad or android phone, follow the instructions and then when you open it, use the referral code EMMA to get 50 bonus points to help you start off. Then go download some apps to get points for prizes!

If you would like a longer explanation of this, or want some more proof click the link on my blog that says “Featurepoints” or just click this link here.

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i’m not lying when i say that this app really works. I earned $20 worth of gift cards today just by testing apps and showing my friends. Thanks for all your help with this, I’m so excited to spend my gift cards!


Featurepoints has added a new competition! For every app you download, you get an entry into the competition to win an xbox one!

There are also 50 worldwide runner up prizes of 10,000 featurepoints. So even if you don’t win the xbox you can still win a heap of points! That’s a lot of points towards redeeming a free gift card! :)

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Josh and Jen in Hawaii - March 2013 (x)

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if Melissa McCall dies I am never watching the show again idc

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prayer circle for melissa mccall

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Cause of death: Chris Argent embracing Isaac Lahey. 

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i am so fucking done with these black masked sword swinging douchebags 

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At my Divergent screening, the host was talking about Hunger Games and everyone boo’d! It was so funny haha, and at the end they were talking about who is a better superhero and we all said tris! the host was laughing so hard, so proud of the initiates fandom we really are a big one now but i don’t care! i love it:)

lmao I’m pretty sure even divergent fans know divergent wasn’t anywhere near thg bye

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Jennifer Lawrence covers her face as she leaves The Box club in Soho with boyfriend Nicholas Hoult. March 22nd, 2014

this makes me so sad. why can’t paparazzi just stop being assholes

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I hope the inside of my bag doesn’t reflect my personality because it’s very boring. Just a wallet, phone, chapstick.

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New Catching Fire stills

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